The TLE4252D is a monolithic integrated low dropout Voltage Tracking Regulator designed to supply OFF-board systems, sensors in engine management systems under the severe conditions of automotive applications. Therefore, the device is equipped with additional protection functions against reverse polarity and short circuit to GND and battery. With supply voltages up to 40V, the output voltage follows a reference voltage with high accuracy. The reference voltage can be applied directly to the adjust input or by an external resistor divider. The minimum reference voltage at the components pin is 1.5V. The output is able to drive loads up to 250mA following the 5V output of a main voltage regulator as reference. The TLE 4252 tracking regulator can be switched into stand-by mode to reduce the current consumption to less than 2µA. This feature makes the IC suitable for low power battery applications.

  • Enable function
  • Very low current consumption in OFF mode
  • Output protected against short circuit to GND and battery
  • Overtemperature protection
  • Reverse polarity proof
  • <=±0.2% Output tracking tolerance
  • Output voltage adjust down to 1.5V

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