The 503480-0800 is a 8-circuit 1-row 0.50mm pitch Easy-On™ BackFlip™ Type FPC Right Angle Connector with tin-plated copper alloy contacts, dual contact style and surface mount termination. This 503480 series FPC connector is made of liquid crystal polymer, mates with Molex Premo-Flex FFC. The FFC/FPC connector is available with actuator, which are pre-assembled covers that secure the connection between the FFC/FPC and the connector terminals.

  • Narrower width and shorter length dimensions provides additional space savings
  • Movable terminals – Ensures more secure contact retention
  • Dual-contact design
  • Housing designs highlight FPC tabs assures proper cable seating
  • Actuators reinforcements for large circuit sizes
  • Natural colour
  • Current rating per contact is 0.5A
  • Voltage rating is 50V AC/DC
  • Operating temperature range from -40 to 85°C

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